Autumn Festival: Hotfix Patch 1


Thank you for all your feedback on the Autumn Festival update - we hope you are enjoying the new features!

We’ve made a few changes and fixed a few things, please see the full changelist below.


  • Decreased the difficulty to unlock the "The Advertiser","Rock Paper Win!" and "Astronomer" achievements.
  • Fixed the bug preventing horse and llamas from jumping over fences. 
  • Fixed some script errors. 
  • Added a tip showing that you need an automatic assembly station in the factory. 
  • The grass can now be hidden when you select the lowest grass quality setting.
  • Fixed the bug causing there to be only two commissions on the commissions board when your workshop is rated S.
  • Fixed the bug that the production speed of factory is slower than any other machines, even when you have the max mechanical capability. 
  • Added furniture for two people in the store. 
  • Fixed the bug causing the number of dried apple slices made from an aroma apple, to be inconsistent with the number described. Production time for this has also been increased.
  • Fixed the bug where monsters will not generate the next day when you load your save file. 
  • Fixed the crash occurring when using a controller to scroll through the pages of a storage box.
  • Fixed the crash occurring when players try to enquire about recipes from Django.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get doubled items when retrieving items from furniture.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from placing items in a display case.

If you encounter any issues, please let us know in the Report A Problem forum.


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