My Time At Portia: Update v1.1


In today’s patch we have added several new features including side quests, and UI and audio adjustments, as well as fixing a number of bugs and addressing issues that have been reported by the community.

Please continue to report bugs and any issues you encounter in the Report A Problem forum



  • Add some environmental sounds – bugs buzzing sound in caves, birds chirping, and wind sounds.
  • Add some character voices - female player voice 2, male player voice 3, Arlo, Lucy, and Albert.
  • Add audio for mobs yell and llama footsteps.
  • Added quest after marrying Gust - Family Dinner with Gust.
  • Added quest after marrying Arlo - Exploring with Arlo.
  • Added quest after marrying Emily - Dinner at Sophie's.
  • Added quest after marrying Mint - Under the Sun.
  • Added interactions with babies.
  • Added a new cutscene where Django talks about the Mystery Knight. This can be triggered before the quest to find the third key after the Council meeting. 
  • Added the display of material sources in the workshop handbook diagrams.
  • Added a new step that the player needs to go inside the factory to activate the Assembly Station podium.
  • Added the ability to take photos with town folks on the Day of the Bright Sun.
  • Added a new key binding option - the mouse side button can now be assigned.
  • Added an on/off option for highlights. The default setting is off.
  • Added a new feature - time is paused when taking photos.
  • Added a new feature that your friend/spouse can gain some mood when player accomplish hazardous ruins' challenge with them during playing/dating.
  • Added more displays in the Portia Museum.
  • Added more dialogue for NPCs.
  • Added a new feature that remaining Gols are displayed when playing slots.
  • Added a new feature that NPCs might come to the player's home and send gifts on the player's birthday.
  • Added photos of Bikini Flippers and Huge Snaillob to the photo album.


  • Cancelled the chat option in the NPC's interaction bubbles during The Final Battle.
  • Set fixed places for mounts to stay when the player is in combat during storyline missions. Example: Your horse will not follow you into battle during these missions.
  • Optimised the graphics speed when playing the cutscene of the Final Battle.
  • Shrunk the area of the Martial Arts Tournament entrance so the player has less chance of being shut out.
  • Adjusted the number of birthday gifts the player can have, to 25.
  • Adjusted the UI icons of the seasons and weather.
  • Adjusted that the player will gain the diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite after the story of the Rat King.
  • Adjusted the behaviour of babies after getting milk powder and toys.
  • Adjusted that Arlo's quest ‘A Strong Man's Adventure’ needs to be triggered after building the Portia Bridge.
  • Revised the description of the Rogue Knight's sword requiring LV70 to pick up.


    • Fixed the problem that female player's ponytail cannot be dyed black.
    • Fixed the problem that the female player's face doesn't display normally when in a cutscene.
    • Fixed some art and collision problems.
    • Fixed the problem that NPC's cannot be hurt during sparring.
    • Fixed the problem that face make-up glows at night.
    • Fixed the problem that the table is recycled repeatedly.
    • Fixed the problem where Dawa will attempt to go to the desert before building the Portia Bridge.
    • Fixed the problem that Sophie was stuck in her home during the Final Battle.
    • Fixed the problem where Aadit sleeps in the wrong place in bed.
    • Fixed the problem that Gust may be stuck inside A&G Construction Company.
    • Fixed the animation, tools in hand and VFX problem of the workers.
    • Fixed the animation problem when larger characters are fishing.
    • Fixed the problem with seats being invisible inside Happy Apartments.
    • Fixed the overlap problem of Merlin.
    • Fixed the collision and location problem of Pumpkin Room.
    • Fixed the possibility that the player could get stuck in the seat in Gust's room.
    • Fixed the problem that some mob spawn points did not spawn mobs.
    • Fixed the problem that changing the game time speed leads to more gifts being dropped on the airship during the Day of the Bright Sun.
    • Fixed the problem that the table cannot be recycled if player has placed it incorrectly.
    • Fixed the problem where NPCs may not sit around the table when attending the player's birthday party.
    • Fixed the problem where the player can see the names of Pinky, Scraps and QQ before having enough hearts.
    • Fixed the problem that some NPCs can't be hit during the Snowball Fight.
    • Fixed the problem that the player doesn't get the rewards from the Portia Museum for collecting fish.
    • Fixed the problem that the photo in Sam's home is bigger than the photo frame.
    • Fixed the collision problem of the Civil Cutter.
    • Fixed the light problems of some of the item preview pictures.
    • Fixed the suspended items and floor clipping in the Western Plateau.
    • Fixed the problem that the Rat King circles when being attacked.
    • Fixed the problem where the player cannot get rewards on the Day of Memories.
    • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when being 1st in the Day of Memories game.
    • Fixed the problem that players cannot unlock the achievement when getting 3 swords in Slots.
    • Fixed the bug where the player is unable to exit the dangerous ruins between 23:59 - 00:00.
    • Fixed the bug that Aadit and Dawa sleep in a same bed.
    • Fixed the bug that Gale gives the player money without having married Ginger.
    • Fixed the missing icons on the social tab.
    • Fixed the bug that the quantities of food taken from the banquet table are incorrect.
    • Fixed the bug where NPCs follow the player onto the Martial Arts Tournament stage.
    • Fixed the bug affecting the pose of some NPCs when taking a family photo.
    • Fixed failing loading saves which used the calendar reminder feature.
    • Fixed the problem where Gust or Ginger will transport to another place after chatting with them during the Snowball Fight.

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