My Time at Portia v1.0 - Hotfix 4


We've fixed a lot of issues based on the bug reports we've received from our players - including the bug preventing you from getting any missions relating to the tree farm. 

We really appreciate our players letting us know when they encounter issues, so we can get them fixed quickly! Please continue to report any bugs, issues or crashes in the Report a Problem forum.


  • Fixed the bug causing no rewards to be given when you have collected ll the king fish.
  • Research notes can be sold in game.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from receiving missions for the tree farm.
  • Fixed the bug that missions after the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered. 
  • Fixed the bug affecting the amount of materials needed for A&G Construction services.
  • Adjusted the time limit for the mission 'The Builder Bout'. If yours has expired, you will just need to reload the save and the mission will continue.

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