My Time at Portia v1.1 - Hotfix 2

Hi there!

We’ve just released a patch to fix a few bugs and issues. You can read the see the full changelist below!

If you have encountered an issue or think you have found a bug, please let us know in the Report A Problem forum here on Steam.



  • Fixed the bug that Arlo would continue to follow the player during the "Training for the Flying Pigs" quest.
  • Fixed the bug where Tody, Martha and Higgins might stand outside the Commerce Guild door after the fireside meeting.
  • Fixed the bug causing Gust to repeat the same dialogue after you marry him.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the lock frames option from working.
  • Fixed the crash when pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time when holding an item.
  • Fixed the bug where players cannot interact with the food on the table during the Autumn Festival. 
  • Fixed the bug where players will stand on their mount when interacting with the pan during the Autumn Festival. 
  • Fixed the bug where items could be duplicated. 
  • Fixed the content error when giving NPCs their favourite gifts.

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