Update 9.0 – Hotfix Patch 4

Hey Portians!

Today we've released another patch to fix some crashes and bugs, and adjust some features. Please see the full changelist below.


  • Fixed the bug causing Higgins workshop scores to increase unexpectedly at the end of each year.
  • Fixed the bug that when a commission is failed, Higgins’ workshop score will not be reduced.
  • Fixed the bug preventing photos from saving when there are special characters in the name.
  • Fixed the bug affecting gol costing in NPC commissions that reward favor points.
  • In the settings menu, only changes on the resolution need the final confirm button.
  • Fixed the bug preventing materials from being returned to the player when they cancel production on the textile machine.
  • Fixed the crash when using controllers to move storage boxes.
  • Fixed the crash when returning to the main menu after cutting a tree.
  • Fixed the crash caused by NPCs' behaviour.
  • Fixed the crash in the horse racing competition.
  • Fixed the crash caused by animations.

As always, please continue to report any issues in the Report a Problem forum.

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Have fun in Portia.



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