Update 9.0 - Hotfix Patch 2

Hello Portians!

Thank you for reporting issues you found since the most recent update and patch. 

This patch addresses those reported issues, as well as adjusting some other features, and adds support for Traditional Chinese!

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Have fun in Portia.


  • Fixed the bug causing storage boxes to disappear on the second floor. To recover those boxes, please reload the file from the last build of the game.
  • Adjusted the tree/bush generation system so that they will only grow in yard areas without furniture.
  • Added Traditional Chinese language support. Please let us know if you find any errors.
  • Added the option for players to hide accessories.
  • Added badge rewards after the snowball fight in Winter.
  • Higgins is now more likely to fail to complete the advanced commissions.
  • Added the Nova Sword to the Total Tools store.
  • Increased the drop rate of lubricant on the third and fourth level of the sewage plant during the mission with the Civil Corps.
  • Added the functionality to manually input the quantity of wood needed from the Tree Farm.
  • Added one registration table for horse racing at the start of the Land Run Time Attack track.
  • Adjusted the appearance of the way to the Somber Marsh.
  • Adjusted the order of appearance of the Alliance Council members, and the following missions. (Changes stop when the port store is built).
  • Players will be rewarded with the steel beam diagram for completing the 'Road to the Marsh' mission.
  • The Research Center store is now open from the start of the game.
  • Increased the number of badges earned from competitions.
  • Adjusted the difficult of the horse racing competition.
  • Optimised the appearance of the grass near the marsh.
  • Adjusted the volume of working machines.
  • Special commissions on Friday will no longer be low level.
  • If an NPC has an emergency and he/she has to leave your date, then you can continue the date when the NPC returns.
  • Players between level 25 to level 50 will not depend on experience as much.
  • Adjusted the opening hours for hot air balloon rides to 7am - 9pm.
  • Adjusted the stamina consumption when using a rifle.
  • Fixed the bug preventing the advanced skiver from recycling materials when you cancel the process.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from cutting down a tree under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the bug affecting the magnifying glass in the inspection mini game.
  • Fixed the bug causing the attack sound continues to play after defeating the boss in the tunnel.
  • Fixed the bug causing items to disappear when running the game at a low resolution.
  • Fixed the bug affecting plants growing in the planter box.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to get stuck in the flooring.
  • Fixed the animation error when the piggyback frog dies.
  • Fixed the issue with the horse riding sound effect.
  • Fixed the bug causing the feather duster to disappear when petting animals.
  • Fixed the bug affecting apples, honey and beeswax being sent from the Tree Farm.
  • Fixed the issue with using the relic scanner during the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the bug affecting resolution when switching to default display settings.
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when taking pictures with NPCs in the hot air balloon.
  • Adjusted the amount of textiles needing for producing quality leather.
  • Fixed the bug causing items to float after cutting a tree.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the dungeon in the marsh.
  • Fixed the bug causing the game to freeze when interacting with several NPCs.
  • Fixed issues affecting Ack collecting all items in the yard.
  • Added the entrance icon of the mission 'The First Key'
  • Fixed the crash when riding a horse.
  • Fixed the crash when returning to the menu during the Day of Memories.
  • Fixed the bug causing NPCs to get stuck in the land.
  • Fixed the crash when finishing the snowball fight.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from taking the trap out of the factory once it is complete.
  • Fixed a script error in Gust's dialogue.
  • Fixed the bug preventing players from entering the final room after being defeated by the Piggy-Bot.
  • Fixed the collision error.
  • Fixed several script errors.
  • Fixed the textures of antidote,clock glass and fish tank. 
  • Fixed the icons of All Source Model and Snowball Battle Badge.
  • Fixed the language issues on the South Block trade board.
  • Fixed the issue of the new look worshop taking up extra land.
  • Added a 'cancel' button for production in the factory.
  • Players will now receive experience for making products in the factory.A 'tip' pop-up will appear each morning to tell you how much experience you have earned.
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