My Time At Portia Alpha 1.0 Live

After over a year of development from its earliest stages, My Time at Portia is now ready to be tested out by you, the players. It is alpha 1.0, so there will be bugs, design issues, and general strangeness. But, it does contain around 4-5 hours of gameplay and it shows off the world we created in all its un-optimized splendor.

We do want to hear all the feedback possible, since the main reason we put out such a build is to see if we’re on the right track, what people like, what people don’t like, and how we can make it better. So please, please, please drop us a line on our message board or email us!

We're looking to put a couple more builds out in the future before we hit Early Access on Steam late this year. We're aiming to finalize the game in April 2018 for PC and have it release on the PS4 and maybe Switch in June of 2018.

Alpha can be downloaded here


My Time At Portia Alpha 1.0
Jun 28, 2017


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the vision of this file is not compatible with the vesion of window you're running

please consider making a Linux build, I'd like to try this out!

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Hi. I just build the Dee Dee transport vehicle. But how do I use it?

And is the fishing rod usable? because i can't seem to use it.

I Finished the bridge... but there is a problem, i wanna make the car, i have all of the parts but not the small engine, i search like an hour and i didn't find anything about it, can you help me ?