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My Time At Portia v2.0 – Hotfix 3
Hello there! We encountered some bugs when adding to the mission system in game and thanks to player feedback we’ve been able to squash these in this patch! P...
My Time At Portia – Coming to consoles April 16th 2019!
We’re incredibly excited to announce that My Time At Portia will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 16th 2019! Check out the br...
My Time at Portia v2.0 - Hotfix 2
Hello! We’ve just rolled out a fresh hot fix for v2.0 and it’s a big one! This patch features bug and crash fixes as well as optimisation! If you encounter...
My Time at Portia v2.0 - Hotfix 1
Hi there! This is the hot fix for v2.0. If you have any other questions or find any bugs, please let us know in the Report a Problem forum( https://steamcommuni...
My Time at Portia: Update v2.0
Hello Portians! We’ve been working hard to fix bugs and optimise the game further, as per player feedback. In this update, you’ll see improvements on the so...
New Relationships Trailer & Valentine’s Day Giveaway!
Love is in the air in My Time At Portia! Check out our brand new relationships trailer below… To celebrate the most romantic day of the year(I know its been a...
My Time at Portia v1.1 - Hotfix 2
Hi there! We’ve just released a patch to fix a few bugs and issues. You can read the see the full changelist below! If you have encountered an issue or think...
My Time At Portia: Update v1.1
Hello! In today’s patch we have added several new features including side quests, and UI and audio adjustments, as well as fixing a number of bugs and address...
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