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New Content On The Way: Martial Arts Tournament
Hey Portians! We’ve had lots of feedback about the competitions in My Time At Portia, and lots of players asking if we were going to be adding any more. The a...
Adjustments & Bug fixes (including changelist)
Hello Portians! Thank you all for your feedback on our recent open test. This patch addresses the crashes and other issues you have reported. Please see the ful...
New Content On The Way: NPC Interactions
Hi Portians! By now you may be nearing close to the end of our latest story content update, or have finished it already, and want to know when the next update w...
The Second Patch for The 8.0 Update.
Hello my fellow Portians. This is the second patch for the 8.0 update. Changelist: Players can move freely when using the relic scanner. Fixed the bug that t...
STARLIGHT ISLAND UPDATE - LIVE NOW! (changelist included)
This month, we’ve been working on optimising the game. We have improved the frame rate, and the game now runs much smoother than before. We will continue to w...
New content on the way: Casual life in Portia
We’ve been working hard on optimising the game and creating new stories and missions for the next update to My Time At Portia, and today we’d like to sh...
A new location, a new pet, new story and more!
Throughout Early Access, our aim has been to release new content regularly and our development team are working hard on the next update. We are aiming to releas...
Hotfix No. 4 & No.5 for Harbor Update
No.4 Another hotfix, we'll probably release a beta build next time in advance so that some bugs can be sorted out earlier. Hopefully this is the last patch for...
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