Ever Forward Update 2!

Hi players,

thanks to everyone again for playing the Ever Forward demo and giving us such great suggestions and feedback; all of it has helped us out a lot!

We have updated the game once again based on player input. We have optimized performance and also added one all-new challenge puzzle (available from pause menu) as a way of sayingTHANKS!
Game on!

Patch List:

  • Added a new challenge puzzle, puzzle can be played from "Pause Menu -> Challenge Puzzle";
  • Introduced two new items for challenge puzzle: Activation timer and Mobile Roundy-Bot;
  • All Roundy-Bots located in corners were moved closer to the walls;
  • Maya runs faster now;
  • Some cutscenes have been improved with more fluid animations;
  • Optimized performance;
  • Closed off areas not meant to be accessed;
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when the cutscenes were triggered, Maya would get stuck in a black screen instead; 
  • Fixed a bug where reloading the game could cause the second puzzle area to show as unfinished;
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes CPQ couldn't be called after certain puzzles started.
  • Added Portuguese language
  • Added graphics settings



 QQ group: 1098618560


EverForward_0619 Updated.zip 490 MB
Jun 19, 2020

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